I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dr. John Applegate as a friend and colleague for over a decade. He has been my “go-to” psychiatrist in the greater Philadelphia region whenever I have needed psychiatric consultation for particular counselees. His training and clinical skills are exceptional and his counsel is thoughtful and biblically rich. I am delighted that he is forming this group practice to provide expanded care in our area
— Michael R. Emlet, M.Div., M.D., Faculty and Counselor, Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF)
Christe is enthusiastic about health and fitness and incorporates spirituality and mindfulness into her practice. She is gentle, creative and committed to helping each client succeed and increase their functional fitness and tap into their inner strength and motivation. Her integrated approach creates a safe space for both physical and spiritual renewal.
— Leslie Book, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health, Esperanza Health Center
I have tremendous respect for Dr. John Applegate and I’m really excited to see his practice growing. His approach is holistic and flows from a biblical understanding of people as embodied souls. I trust John as a careful biblical thinker and skilled practitioner. He’s assembled a team I know to be wise counselors and that I’m confident will be able to help you.
— Rev. Winston Smith, M.Div, Faculty, Staff Counselor at Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation
When I heard that Dr Applegate was opening up a new psychiatric group practice in the city’s Fairmount section, I was really excited. My family and I have been personally helped by his practice, particularly in identifying practical, day-to-day steps we could take to change how we relate to each other. They also graciously worked with us to make it financially possible. I know that this new practice will allow even more people to get the help they need, and, experience God’s redemptive work in their own lives.
— Bryan Stoudt, Regional Director, Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)
Dr. John Applegate is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional Psychiatrist for consultations, diagnosis or medication management. He has consulted with me numerous times about patients we share. I trust Dr. Applegate to have a fresh perspective, good solutions for medication issues and always have time to care for the people he meets.
— Dr. Penny Freeman, LPC, Serving Leaders Ministries
Dr. Applegate is an outstanding psychiatrist, understanding both the physical and spiritual realities that affect every person. He thoroughly understands the medical issues at stake while not minimizing the spiritual ones. I highly recommend him.
— Stephen Altrogge, Christian Author
As a local church Pastor and a professor in a Christian University’s School of Divinity for 25 years I have become aware of the complexity of troubles that people face today. While in a certain way all of our problems are “spiritual” problems, it seems a bit simplistic and reductionistic to say that all problems can be fixed by a verse and prayer. I believe that in addition to prayer and Scripture sometimes there are complex issues that may be biological as well. The whole realm of mental illness seems to be one in which Christians tend to go to one of two extremes. Some ascribe all of life’s problem’s to be “organic” problems. Others see them all “Satanic” problems. They feel it must be either all biology or all Bible. My sense is that some things can be both.
It is for this reason that I am thankful that the Lord has raised up men like Dr. John Applegate. The moment some Christians hear of Psychiatry they think it to be a bunch of “psychobabble”. I can testify that while there may be many who call themselves Christian Psychiatrists who are not controlled by the authority of Scripture, Dr. Applegate is not one of them. John is well versed in Biblical counseling, the doctrines of grace, and the authority of Scripture. As a result of this it effects his philosophy and practice of psychiatry. While John does prescribe medicine he is not a “pill-pusher”. He thoughtfully analyzes and seeks to follow the best and most Scriptural path for individual, one which will bring glory to Christ. In addition, with the high cost of having a practice of Psychiatry I am blessed to see John’s heart of seeking to make his services available to the underprivileged in our population. Christian counseling, therapy and Psychiatry should not be a “rich man’s sport”; limited only to those of an upper class income who can afford it. John has sought partnerships and sponsorships etc. with local churches and individuals to try to help the poor and needy in our society. I recommend John’s practice not only for help but also as a worthy ministry to support.
— Tom Allen, Associate Professor, School of Divinity, Cairn University