We believe that people were created as an inseparable composition of both body and soul, of flesh and spirit, of matter and immaterial. Human struggles and suffering always involve these parts and we are in a unique position at JA&A to address both. More than giving lip service to this biblical anthropology, our team of Christian psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists are well equipped to evaluate and be attentive to this complex interplay.

We know it is not easy to find a therapist that is both competent and distinctively Christian. Here we strive to submit all classical understandings of human thinking, behavior and motivation to the ultimate authoritative truth found in Scripture, highlighting the supreme cosmic dynamic of the gospel message. While employing the wisdom from years of experience, utilizing sophisticated, effective and current approaches to treatment, we endeavor to critically square these same approaches with a Reformed theological lens.

While we also have a heart for working with the local church and upholding its spiritual authority and role in people’s lives, we understand the necessity for confidentiality and providing a safe environment for growth to occur. We work with every individual to strike a balance of these values that will be most healing. We do welcome people from all faith backgrounds and consider it a privilege to walk alongside of you on this journey.