Dr. John Applegate helped me to improve the quality of my life by providing valuable consultation and assisting me in redefining personal challenges so they became opportunities to grow. He taught me to view my anxiety and panic issues differently and gave me the tools to better cope with these struggles. Services from a Christian worldview and guidance from a biblical perspective also aligned with my faith and helped me build confidence in Christ and His plan for my life.
— Patient
My family and I are extremely grateful to the Lord for bringing Dr. Applegate into our lives. I struggled with severe post-partum anxiety/depression. God used his balanced and Biblical counsel to bring healing to my heart and mind. If you are seeking a compassionate doctor who shows concern for both the physical and spiritual nature of your struggle, I highly recommend Dr. Applegate.
— Patient
I have an aversion to so-called biblical counselors. Too often they make temporal issues into spiritual ones, and offer little solutions other than soft-pedaling with “buck up, buttercup, because Jesus.” While that may be true to a certain extent, it’s been refreshing to work through my struggles with Esther, who among her many talents, is very genuine.

In my experience, she has quickly discerned the tapestry of my thought and faith life, and helped to work out the gnarlier knots by offering extremely biblical counsel seasoned with honesty. But the most helpful advice she gave me was stating at the outset that the goal was for me not to be in counseling forever, but to have tools in my kit to combat the knots as they arise in life. That’s a different attitude than I’d ever seen before.
It’s difficult to acknowledge that you need help and your coping mechanisms are threatening to melt down worse than Three Mile Island (or at least that’s what it feels like). It’s worse when you’re working in ministry and being vulnerable might backfire (surprise!). Esther is a refuge and a resource for this, whatever your age and stage.

She’ll be gentle, but never coddling, when you need. But she also won’t hold back if you need a firm prod forward. And yes, she points you to the ultimate Healer. But you’ll never hear the phrase “buck up, Buttercup.” Thanks be to God.
— Client
I honestly cannot find the words to adequately express my gratitude to Dr. John Applegate.

We thought we’d lost our precious daughter. When her family doctor painted a dire picture we turned to Dr. John Applegate. On the very first visit he gave us a sense of hope and direction and established instant rapport with our daughter.. He carefully offered real solutions for her real problems.

Her family doctor had minimized her condition and even mocked her faith. But Dr. Applegate was gentle, thoughtful and insightful. He listened carefully and correctly diagnosed her rare condition. ...While her own family doctor made jest of her prayers to God, Dr. Applegate acknowledged the value of her faith and affirmed her in her real struggles.

With great skill, patience and compassion he led us to a regimen which very quickly began to help. It was a long, arduous road to completely restore her mind, emotional stability and wellbeing. But Dr. Applegate was with us every step of the way. He eventually helped us discover the exact solution she needed. I am happy to report that we have our daughter back today. I can never, ever repay Dr. Applegate for the good he brought to our family. I am so thankful for Dr. Applegate and his practice. He was an amazing answer to our prayers.
— Patient's family
‘m grateful to God for providing Esther and her care to work through one of the most if not the most difficult thing in my life to date. Her care not only helped me but consequently my family who needed to walk through this path with me.

There are many things I can highlight about the way Esther’s care translated but a few include...
- Keeping me focused on who God is - what He is really like
- Helping me to see what I can and cannot control
- Putting my view of relationships in perspective
- Seeking to understand culture context

I also appreciated that she worked with the pace I needed - I never felt pressured even when she challenged my thinking. Lastly, her prayers at the end of our sessions were a means of blessing. It meant a lot to me and built faith!
— "A sister grateful for Esther's care..."
Dr. Applegate has been enormously helpful in my life. When I began seeing him three years ago, I was crippled by fear and anxiety and in a very fragile state of mind. He offers a great deal of wisdom in his approach to medications. He has consistently been a source of sound advice and quality therapy, I fully trust his care.
— Patient
As an adult in the process of dealing with some childhood trauma I went to a great counselor at CCEF...who recommended that I see Dr. Applegate due to night terrors...I was a competent and productive adult, yet felt that the night terrors were an indication that “all was not well with me” and hurting me and my family. I resisted seeing Dr. Applegate for two years because of the stigma of seeing a psychiatrist and tried all sorts of things but nothing worked. Finally, when I realized that neither prayer, nor diet and exercise, nor EMDR therapy, nor anything else I tried was working, I went to see him and truth be told I was a bit afraid of what he would say to me. I am so happy I did for I have found Dr. Applegate to be an understanding, gentle, kind, nonjudgmental and insightful physician who has helped me to understand what’s happening and how to treat it. The night terrors have stopped. In retrospect, the solution was relatively easy and I regret that I waited so long to see him. Thank you, Dr. Applegate!
— Patient
The Lord led me to Dr. Applegate after several attempts by Doctors who were unable to give me the progress I made with Dr. Applegate. He is very knowledgeable concerning medications...and has a thoughtful and quiet demeanor. He asks very pertinent questions, and is a perceptive listener. He ...is helping me move forward
— Patient
Before I started seeing Dr. John Applegate, I was frozen in a depressive state, utterly devoid of hope for a future, and completely apart from God. Now, I am motivated and energized; my future has never looked brighter; and my relationship with God is stronger than ever.

Dr. Applegate utilized his vast medical knowledge and experience to find an ideal pharmaceutical solution to my physiological condition while reminding me of God’s perfect promises to address the spiritual facets of my ailment.

I have seen many medical professionals during my battle with depression, but I would recommend none more highly than Dr. Applegate.
— Patient