The broad range of assistance these counselors have offered to us at Tenth, as well as their cooperative work with the officers to provide spiritual wrap-around care for our members has been both strengthening and encouraging. Through our partnership we are invigorating lives of grace Christ intended for His Church.
— Carroll Wynne, Minister of Pastoral Care, Tenth Presbyterian Church
I’ve worked closely with John Applegate in a few counseling situations and have taken family members to see him. His balance of broad learning and experience, combined with Christ-like sensitivity and caring has been helpful and fruitful. I’m excited to see another solid counseling center in the city and I’m very appreciative of the desire to work with the local church.
— Pastor Steve Huber Director of the Liberti Network
This practice has been a true partner in ministry when it comes to helping provide a more comprehensive care for the dear ones of our local church who need professional counseling. That said what we benefit from JA&A is much more than “professional”, they are truly Christ centered, truly reformed, and warmly personal. I can not say enough about my gratitude to God for their partnership! To say it simply; I trust JA&A to help me care for our local church.
— Andrew Kalvelage/ Pastor of Covenant Community Church West Philly
Dr. John Applegate has been an enormous help to people very close to me. He has compassionately and competently provided the professional help we needed. His gentle and thoughtful way are comforting and disarming. He is careful to look for right solutions. By listening and monitoring progress he has been able to skillfully avoid over-medication and find just the right answers. I am extremely thankful for Dr. Applegate’s practice. I’ve recommended Dr. John Applegate to many friends and colleagues.
— Tom W. Tomer, Deacon on sabbatical from New Life Church, Glenside, PA