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Our office suite is on the ground floor of The Philadelphian, which is located directly across from the Art Museum, accessible by public transportation and conveniently located in the heart of the city.  After entering the main lobby you will turn right and go to the call box at the top of the steps where you will call our office to be let through the door.  You can find your provider using the arrow keys and scroll up or down to find their name.  Once the door is opened, proceed through the glass door, past the elevators, through another glass door and then go all the way to the end of the hallway to get to unit 1C44-45.  Enter the waiting room and check in is on your right.  If the receptionist is not present, please have a seat and your provider will be out to get you at your appointed time.  To view a short video showing how the path into our office, please click here.



Parking can be found by either searching for free residential street parking or by parking in one of several parking lots near our office.  Click here for a map of parking lots close to our office.  If you are interested in finding free residential street parking, we recommend that you leave at least 10 minutes of time to search for a spot and that you focus your search above Fairmount Avenue, below Brown Street and between 26th and 23rd Streets.